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- Loewenberg

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about retreat

To physically retreat means to take a step back or withdraw, and a place of retreat is a place of seclusion, shelter or privacy. People have always enjoyed travelling to beautiful locations to ‘get away from it all’. Packing the essentials and being away from home and our daily routines encourages us to focus on ourselves and recharge.

A holiday and a spiritual retreat are two different things, however. Holidays are temporary distractions from our responsibilities and routines, and any sense of peace and quiet we may achieve can be quickly eroded when we get back behind the desk, on the phone, in front of the television or in the middle of traffic. A spiritual retreat is a valuable experience where genuine restoration is achieved. This is possible because we are not simply relaxing (forgetting) but exploring and practising the methods needed to lead healthy, balanced lives. It is a time to become reacquainted with our inner selves.

personal retreat

Personal retreat is the perfect way for those that may need more personal space and less structure , or for those who just want to take some time out of the normal flow of life to rest, heal and restore. You can come for one day or stay a month..

During a personal retreat you will have the opportunity to be involved in all the normal activities of the day, including early morning yoga class, chanting, midday relaxation, meditation or asana class and evening program. Or you may choose to simply relax, enjoy the peaceful surroundings and dip into activities as you feel inclined. Either way there is plenty of opportunity for relaxation, reflection and restoration.

A personal retreat is a wonderful way to gain perspective, renewal of purpose and inspiration. Leisure activities can include bush walking, swimming, kite flying, reading, bird watching or help out with the activities of the centre, in the garden or kitchen.

Fees per person, including accmmodation,vegetarian meals,yoga sessions and all retreat activities:
* half day retreat, RMB150/half day(including 1 yoga session,1 meal and all other retreat activities)
* one day retreat, RMB300/day(including 2 yoga sessions,2 meals and all other retreat activities)
* accommodation is not charged for residential retreat. From 2nd day on, residential retreat fee is calculated based on time(before 2pm on 2nd day is extra half day, and after 2pm is extra one day retreat, regardless whether you participated a yoga session. Multiple day retreats are calculated in the same manner
* for oneday retreats arrival the evening before around dinner time or leaving after breakfast for one night accommodation, there is no extra fees other than RMB300
* for those who arrive around dinner and leave right after breakfast the next morning, half day retreat fees apply regardless whether or not you participated an early morning practice.

* rates include all meals, yoga sessions and all other activities

* transportation not included

book your personal retreat now:

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or call 0888-5139980 13398881322 13901021322

daily retreat timetable

07:00-08:30 morning yoga session
08:30-09:00 breakfast
09:15-09:45 karma yoga
10:00-12:00 free time
12:00-12:30 yoga nidra
12:30-13:30 lunch
13:30-15:30 free time
15:30-16:00 drumming circle
16:00-16:30 afternoon tea
16:00-17:00 outdoor activities
17:00-18:30 yoga session
18:30-19:30 dinner
20:00-21:00 evening program
21:00-21:30 meditation
22:00 - lights off/mauna(silence)


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