Snow Mountain Retreat Centre

Xinxing of Mudu Village, Baisha, Yulong County, Lijiang, Yunnan(300m to the north of Lijiang Action Park),

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Tel: 0888-5139980
Loca Mobile: 13398881322
Beijing Mobile: 13901021322

Transportation to the centre

local transportation:

from Lijiang airport to the centre
option 1
take airport bus(15yuan) to downtown Lijiang, then take a taxi(30yuan) to the centre(tell the driver the address is Baisha Huwai Leyuan (Baisha Outdoor Park)
option 2
we can liaison a private car(van) for airport pick-up(150yuan)
option 3
take a taxi from airport(few drivers would like you to pay according the metre, most will ask for 200yuan)

from anywhere downtown Lijiang to the centre
take a taxi(30-40yuan)

from Lijiang Railway Station
by taxi(about 60yuan)
we can also liaison a taxi for airport pick-up(60yuan)

from any domestic city to Lijiang

by air
direct flights to Lijiang are normally not discounted
you may fly to Kunming first, then take a transfer flight or overnight train to Lijiang, to save some cost

by train
there are 2 trains running daily between Lijiang and Kunming, the details are:
Train K9606/7 leaving(Kunming or Lijiang) at 21:58 arriving at 7:00 the next morning
rates: hard sleeper - RMB153/RMB148 soft sleep - RMB200/RMB207 VIP cabinet - RMB6143 spaces)
Train K9602/3 leaving(Kunming or Lijiang) at 22:28 arriving at 7:26 the next morning
rates: hard sleeper - RMB153/RMB148 soft sleep - RMB200/RMB207 VIP cabinet - RMB6143 spaces)
Train K9610/1 leaving(Kunming or Lijiang) at 10:00 arriving at 18:40 same day
rates: hard sleeper RMB153,hard seat - RMB90

train ticket offices in Lijiang/丽江火车票代售点 :
1丽江市康仲路丽香苑酒店 0888-5103125
2 丽江古城代售点 丽江市古城区鱼米河商业步行街 0888-5126992

train ticket offices in Kunming/昆明火车票代售点
3 关上代售点 昆明 官渡区 昆明市关平路101号 0871-6297889
4 北辰代售点:
昆明 盘龙区 昆明市北市区金色家园紫竹园8幢 0871-5647702
5 金鑫代售点 昆明 盘龙区 昆明市穿金路北站煤场高层住宅小区 0871-6161989
6 高新代售点 昆明 西山区 昆明市西房高新花园19号商铺 0871-8305043
7 金马代售点 昆明 官渡区 昆明市东风东路306号鑫玉苑ABC幢1号 0871-3805867
8 关雨路代售点 昆明 官渡区 昆明市 关雨路名宅东辰苑1幢1-7号 0871-7157765
9 佳湖代售点 昆明 官渡区 昆明市南市区十里长街佳湖新城3-12号 0871-4563921
10 南疆代售点 昆明 五华区 昆明南疆宾馆37栋附1号 0871-5335764
11 官科代售点 昆明 盘龙区 昆明市白龙路168号10-1商铺 0871-3368777
12 川宏代售点 昆明 西山区 昆明市西苑路56号桂花大厦1楼 0871-4185028

by long distance bus:
the distance between Kunming and Lijiang is 527KM
there are about 20 shuttle buses operating between the two cities, with the last shuttle leaving around 19:00 hour

2 shuttle bus stations in Kunming:
昆明市潘家湾长途客运站(Kunming Panjiawan Long Distance Bus Station)
昆明火车站旁的昆明长途汽车客运站(Kunming Long Distance Bus Station next to the Railway Station)
it takes 8-9 hours and the cost is about RMB110

what to bring

personal toiletries, such as towels, tooth brush/paste, cups,slippers,etc
clothes for yoga, clothes for the night(cool),covered shoes
a torch,rain coat or umbrella
sun-tan lotion
masquitto repellant
swmming suit
a nice warm sleeping bag is desired if your are camping(cool at night)

optional things to bring:
bedding sheets

there is limited hours for Internet access at the centre

Tour Advises

SnowMountainRetreat centre does not accommodate tourists. Retreat participants are not encouraged to tour Lijiang while participating our retreat programs. You may plan a few days stay at a guesthouse in downtown Lijiang before or after spending time at our centre. Places you may tour in Lijiang inclues the old towns of Dayan and Shuhe,Yulong Snow Capped Mountain, LashiHai Lake, Tiger Leaping Gorge(1-2hours drive), and Shangri-La(4 hours drive).

Informationon on accommodation,weather,food, and tours are available on the Internet


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volunteering at SnowMountainRetreat centre

experienced yoga teachers
native English speakers 。。。

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