Hi, this is Xiaoxian. I wish to share my experience with you towards leaving Lijiang: before this retreat, I had always been wondering what is True Love. I found the answer at Snow Mountain Retreat Centre. Thank you all and wish to see you soon again :)

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History of Snow Mountain Retreat Centre

The Snow Mountain Retreat Centre is situated in the rural prt of Lijiang in Baisha right in front of the Yulong Snow Capped Mountain.
It started constrction in March 2010, and began retreat programs in August 2010.

Being th every first holistic retreat centre in China, Snow Mountain Retreat Centre was founded by Gyangiri as a continual project of Mountainyoga which was established in Beijing in 2003. Mountainyoga was the first yoga retreat centre in China.

Mission of Snow Mountain Retreat Centre

Snow Mountain Retreat Centre is an organiztion not aiming for any commercial benifit. It is a part of Gyanggiri,the founder's vision to bring and share inspirations with an holistic approach. Regardless of all the difficulties since 2003, Mountainyoga together with SnowMountainRetreat centre is determinded to share various ways of living an uplifted lifstyle, with simplicity,sustanability,sincerety and wisdom, with respect to all the traditions and with and attitude of sharing and experiencing.

At Snow Mountain Retreat centre, we encourage people using public transportation, recycling,using solar heated water for shower,conserve energy,protect the enviroment,building compost,supporting the neighbours and local economy...

facilities of the Snow Mountain Retreat Centre:


Snow Mountain Retreat Centre is a dream comming true, with the support of many. Following are some of them:

Snow Mountain Retreat Centre Founding Members:

淑斐儿瑜伽工作室/Luo Fei
闻风老师/Wen Feng
梵音瑜伽/ Fine Yoga
兴亚瑜伽/Xingya Yoga
陈亚/Chen Ya
孙海波/ Sunhaibo
Jana Wirthova雅娜
赵珊珊/Zhao Shanshan
荣力/Rong Li
卢怡帆/Lu Yifan
陈蕙/Chen Hui
吴均芳/Wu Junfang
杨屹立/Yang Yili
刘丽宏/Liu Lihong
菩拉佳那瑜伽/Zhang Rui
释达瑜伽/Shida Yoga
陆洁莲/Lu Jielian
辜兰/Gu Lan
天津心莲瑜伽/Lotus Yoga
陈波、陈文静/Chen Bo & Chen Wenjing
生活瑜伽课堂/Life & Yoga

张洁/Zhang Jie
邱华伟/Qiu Huawei

张艳/Zhang Yang
梁善秀/Liang Shanxiu
许明全/Xu Mingquan

燕梅/Yang Mei
杨雪/Yang Xue
李醒/Li Xing
聂成圆/Nie Chengyuan
黄羿舒/Huang Yishu
饶宇红/Rao Yuhong

吴迎春/Wu Yingchun
赵岩燕/Zhao Yanyan
李晓琴/Li Xiaoqin
吴遥/Wu Yao
丘上芝/Qiu Shangzhi
王莺/Wang Ying
瑜女伽人的博客/Yogini's Blog

赖彩杏/Lai Caixing
唐红梅/Tang Hongmei
曹翩翩/Cao Pianpian

李宛青/Li Wanqing

雪山静修中心捐助者/Those who have donated to Snow Mountain Retreat Centre:

孙榀 品瑜伽/Sun Pin

雪山图书馆创办成员/SnowMountain Library Founding Member:
优胜美地/Yoga Summit
Satmukh Singh 吉米老师博客
(还有7个名额/8 member spaces available)

沙金摄影_第7觉工作室VIP会员/Gyangir's Photo Studio VIP Member:
吴丰/Wu Feng
(还有8个名额/8 member spaces available)


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volunteering at SnowMountainRetreat centre

experienced yoga teachers
native English speakers 。。。

Gyangiri's Photography Studio

gallery of Gyangiri's photography ...

upcoming events:

1-7 Feb 2011
Spring Festival Holiday Retreat